New Race 13 kilometers!

NUTS Karhunkierros 2022 Registration for the 13 km race

 166 km83 km55 km34 km13 km
NUTS Karhunkierros 2022 5.10.2021 ➞16914912910927,90
27.11.2021 ➞""""59
14.3.2022 ➞""""69
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-14 / 1914 / 1914 / 19-
Registration changes and transfers Until May 15 / after 0 / 170 / 170 / 170 / 170 / 17

All prices are in euros and includes 10% VAT. The participation eligibility for the distance you have chosen includes not only great race competitors but also drinks and energy refreshments. If you have to stop the race (DNF), race organizer will transport you to the finish from the aid stations. For the participants of the 166 km series the race organizer will deliver their drop bags from Ruka Ski Village to turning point at Hautajärvi and to Oulanka Visitor Centre. The 83 km runners can also a send drop bag to Oulanka Visitor Centre. 34 km, 55 km and 83 km participants can leave their extra clothing needed till the start to be returned to the finish (kindly mark your belongings properly). Having reached the finish at Ruka Ski Village, you’ll get to socialize with your fellow competitors while enjoying a bowl of soup and you also get to wash up.

You can transfer registration to someone else (to sell or give) via self-service link sent to you. In case you have lost that link, kindly ask new In case of medical reasons you can postpone your registration to coming NUTS events by contacting race office Registration fees won’t be returned. Upgrading inside events are possible by paying the difference. Downgrading is possible, if needed.