NUTS Karhunkierros -polkujuoksu juostaan 28.–29.5.2021

We apologize for having to wait for more information about “NUTS Karhunkierros 2021”. The events are still under the strict control of the Government and regional state administrative agencies, and the instructions for the month of May have been delayed.

Today 6.5. The Regional state administrative agency for northern Finland has published assembly restrictions that are valid until the end of May. It is possible to carry out the “NUTS Karhunkierros” when there are a maximum of 50 people in the same area.

The constraint on assembly and, above all, the safe event will cause major changes to the previously announced schedule. You can read the draft schedule here. The schedule will be specified as the number of participants is known.

Bus departure times and departure groups

We are now fine-tuning bus transportation and other departure arrangements to match the settings. Once we have done this, we will send you the instructions and allow you to select the bus departure time in your participant information. Please do not submit departure group wishes by e-mail, you can liaise and update the same transport among friends in your own information.

If you have not yet booked a bus seat, you can make a reservation in your own participant information.

The bus is also your departure group. If you arrive at the place of departure by other transport means, we will inform you separately of your time of departure.