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34–166 km

Napit avaavat seurannan palveluntarjoajien sivuilla.

NUTS Karhunkierros 2024 Timetable

17–21 Bib Pickup all distancesRuka Village
07.00–08.00Bib Pickup 166 kmRuka Village
08.00 ➞ Start Of 166 kmRuka Village
12.00–21.00 Bib Pickup all distancesRuka Village
18.00 ➞Start Of 55 km
50 person starting groups
Oulangan luontokeskus, Liikasenvaarantie 132 Kuusamo
22.00 ➞Start Of 83 km
50 person starting groups
Napapiiri, Karhunkierroksen luontokeskus, Hautajärventie 414 Salla
08.00–16.00 Bib Pickup 34/13 kmRuka Village
10.00 ➞ Start Of 34 km
50 person starting groups
Retkietappi, Juumantie 134, Kuusamo (Käylä)
16.00 ➞ Start Of 13 km
250 person starting groups
Ruka Village
19.00Prize ceremony Ruka Village
The finish line will be closedCut off
166 km = 36 h, Hautajärvi; 17.00 h
83 km 18 h
55 km 14 h
34 km 10 h

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Dynafit is getting stronger on the Finnish market. In the future, ultra-light and colorful Dynafit Trail Running shoes, clothes and equipment can be found not only at retailers, but also more than ever in NUTS trail running events in Ruka, Ylläs-Pallas and Pyhätunturi.


166 km

Demanding race where you will sense the spring of Oulanka Nature park both night and day. This race will not only test your physical stamina, but also your mental health – are You prepared enough? Runners of this race starts from Ruka Ski Village heading to Hautajärvi at Arctic Circle (Karhunkierros Visitor Centre) – and back.
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83 km

“The Original”. This is the race from where it all begun by few runners on 2012 growing to one of the most discussed trail adventures in Finland. When hiking, Karhunkierros -trail can take up to seven days to complete – are you running it within one day? And experience almost nightless spring night at Arctic Circle.
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55 km

Kiutaköngäs, followed by aapa mires and forested hills of Ruka. Are you prepared to challenge the fastest trail runners of Finland or are you testing your own stamina on longer-than-marathon adventure?
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34 km

Best bits of Karhunkierros –trail: Route follows “Pieni Karhunkierros” where you’ll find spectacular scenery at Konttainen and Valtavaara finishing to Ruka Ski Village.
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13 km

Novelty! Not all of us are longing for long distances, so we added this shorter course in the schedule on Saturday afternoon. It takes place in the Pyhävaara nature reservation area and climbs up to the Ruka fell ending downhill to Ruka Ski Stadium. The minimum age is 12 years.
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