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DYNAFIT is the brand by athletes, for athletes. Speed is a part of our DNA, and we are driven by our aspiration to equip mountain endurance athletes from head-to-toe, summer and winter, 365 days a year, with the most efficient gear possible. Intelligent materials, innovative technology, and the courage to follow unconventional paths – these are the keys to our success. Minimalist and efficient, but at the same time totally reliable products, with the result that we support discerning athletes – whether on ski tour, or trail running, mountaineering or biking.


166 km

166 km – The King’s Distance of Karhunkierros When 83 km just isn’t enough and you’re eager to truly push your limits, the 166 km distance offers a double challenge. This route takes you on the legendary Karhunkierros hiking trail from Ruka to Hautajärvi and back, providing double the views, double the hills, and double…
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83 km

83 km – The Call of the Karhunkierros This 83 km journey takes you on the legendary Karhunkierros hiking trail, starting from the idyllic village of Hautajärvi at the Arctic Circle and culminating in the enchanting landscapes of Ruka. The route offers runners the chance to experience the diversity and magical beauty of this renowned…
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55 km

55 km – Trail Tour Finland’s Majestic Challenge BUFF® Trail Tour Finland -event. Trail starts from Oulanka Visitor Centre hugging rugged riverbanks and passing by Finland’s most impressive water fall, Kiutaköngäs, followed by aapa mires and forested hills of Ruka. Are you prepared to challenge the fastest trail runners of Finland or are you testing…
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34 km

34 km – The Pulse of the Karhunkierros This 34 km journey offers runners the chance to experience the most beautiful landscapes of the Karhunkierros in a compact package. The route begins by circling the Pieni Karhunkierros, taking you through forested hills, over thrilling suspension bridges, and through deep river canyons, offering a diverse terrain…
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13 km

13 km – Ruka’s Rapid Sauna Run! Experience the breathtaking beauty of Ruka in a compact package! This 13 km trail run takes you through the stunning hill landscapes of Ruka, offering just the right challenge whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner. This sauna run is the perfect way to spend a Saturday…
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