Buying and selling forward the places

How to find tickets to the races?

There will be secondary markets for race tickets when people become unable to participate themselves.

We recommend them to sell their tickets forward at our Facebook Event Pages.

NUTS Karhunkierros 2023 on Facebook

If you want to take part in any of the ultra distance races, you can also first register to the 34km race and then update your race to the longer distance.

Instructions for the update here.

Instructions for selling forward

If are not able to participate the event you can sell forward your participation.

You can sell your participation to another person independently by using your self-service link.

The buyer pays straight to you. You re-write your registration details by the details of the buyer. Be sharp that you write the email address of the buyer correctly. Save the changes. After that the RaceResult service will send a confirmation email about updated registration to the email address of the buyer. At the same the control of the self-service link shifts to the buyer. Job done!

People are selling and buying places to our events e.g. on our Facebook Event pages.