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Buying and selling forward the places

How to find tickets to the races? There will be secondary markets for race tickets when people become unable to participate themselves. We recommend them to sell their tickets forward at our Facebook Event Page. If you want to take part in any of the ultra distance races, you can also first register to the […]

NUTS Karhunkierros is canceled

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions set by Finnish Government with the assistance of health care experts, the crowd events of more than 500 participants must be cancelled in Finland in summer 2020. There are no possibilities to organise in a safe way crowd events of more than 500 participants. This means that the NUTS Karhunkierros […]

NUTS Karhunkierros 2020 postponed to June

The Finnish Government has stated on Thursday 12 March that all events of over 500 people needs to be cancelled or delayed till the end of May. Due to the circumstances the NUTS Karhunkierros event has been postponed to the weekend of June 5-6, 2020. We’ll keep you posted as things get clear. All participants […]

The Order of the Starts Has Been Updated from the Previous Years

Our wonderful trail running event in Kuusamo has grown from a few friends’ hobby into the biggest trail running event in Finland. Yet the scheduling of the various races remained broadly unchanged. Now, for safety and running experience, it’s time to update the start timetables to match the enlarged event. Same Same but Different The […]

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Photos Official NUTS Karhunkierros photo library Anni Toppila (166 km Valtavaaralla perjantaina) Videos Martin Stefanov 166 km 83 km Joakim Sandström

Pidätämme oikeuden tarkennuksiin.
xx–13.30Bib Pickup 166 kmRukan tori
14.00 START OF 166 kmRukan tori
15.00–22.00 Bib Pickup all distancesRukan tori
Esitykset, keskustelut
18–20NUTS Karhunkierros kisakylä, Tykkylava (säävaraus)
6.00 alkaen lähtöryhmittäinSTART OF 83 kmKarhunkierroksen luontokeskus, Hautajärventie 414 Salla
7.00 alkaen lähtöryhmittäin START OF 34 kmJuuman loma- ja leirikeskus, Juumantie 126, Kuusamo (Käylä)
xx Bib PickupRukan tori
12.00 alkaen lähtöryhmittäinSTART OF 55 kmOulangan luontokeskus, Liikasenvaarantie 132 Kuusamo
xxPrize ceremony NUTS-lava, Kisakeskus Ravintola Rukahovi (Scandic 3. kerros)
The finish line will be closedAikaraja lähdöstä Cut off
166 km = 34 h, Hautajärvi; 15.30 h
83 km 16 h
55 km 12 h
34 km 10 h
24.00The End
Event buses( prebooked) leaves from the front of Kumpare shopping centre
xx begin by start group Bus departs to 83 km start
xx begin by start group Buses departs to 55 km start
xx begin by start groupBuses departs to 34 km start >
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