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Photos Official NUTS Karhunkierros photo library Anni Toppila (166 km Valtavaaralla perjantaina) Videos Martin Stefanov 166 km 83 km Joakim Sandström


The greatest in Finland – NUTS Karhunkierros 2019

The NUTS Karhunkierros presented by Garmin & La Sportiva event is on as its best. The longest distance race, 166 km, started at noon today. So far there are front runners Antti Itkonen, Jussi Nokelainen and Jaakko Eskelinen on the top of overall, but they still have a long night to run ahead. Saara Päätälo […]


Depart of Buses from Ruka to 34 km’s start


Be prepared to equipment check at the bib pick-up

When you arrive to collect your race materials from the race office, remember to bring along your packed race backbag or vest. We will check your mandatory equipments before delivering your race materials. All runners must pick-up their materials personally.   Equipment Checks You must carry all the mandatory equipment from the start to the […]


The brand new Garmin Forerunner® collection available at NUTS Karhunkierros!

GREAT NEWS! The name partner of the NUTS Trail Running events, Garmin has published The new edition of Forerunner® collection today. You’ll be able to test these novelties already on the courses of NUTS Karhunkierros event, and even buy yours own from the event! Of course the test and sales Forerunner watches will be also […]

Pidätämme oikeuden tarkennuksiin.
24.5.2019 FRIDAY
09.00–11.30Bib Pickup 166 kmRukan tori
12.00 START OF 166 kmRukan tori
15.00–22.00 Bib Pickup all distancesRukan tori
Esitykset, keskustelut
18–20NUTS Karhunkierros kisakylä, Tykkylava (säävaraus)
05.00–11.00BreakfastScandic Rukahovi. Sisältyy majoitukseen, muille erillismaksusta 18 eur - varaa ennakkoon.
07.00START OF 83 kmKarhunkierroksen luontokeskus, Hautajärventie 414 Salla
07.30–12.00 Bib PickupRukan tori
10.00START OF 55 kmOulangan luontokeskus, Liikasenvaarantie 132 Kuusamo
12.30 alkaen12.30 alkaen START OF 34 kmJuuman loma- ja leirikeskus, Juumantie 126, Kuusamo (Käylä)
21.30Prize ceremony NUTS-lava, Kisakeskus Ravintola Rukahovi (Scandic 3. kerros)
24.00All the races – the finish line will be closed
Event buses for those who have prebooked from front of Kumpare shopping centre
05.45 Bus departs to 83 km start
08.20 Buses departs to 55 km start
11.30 begin by start groupBuses departs to 34 km start >
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