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Great Trail; went through awesome scenery! Lovely organizers, aid teams as well as fellow runners ;)

Challenge the spring of Kuusamo! NUTS Karhunkierros 26-27 May 2017. 31km, 53km, 80km and 160km trail run.

31 km

Best bits of Karhunkierros –trail: Route follows “Pieni Karhunkierros” where you’ll find spectacular scenery at Konttainen and Valtavaara finishing to Ruka Ski Village.

53 km

BUFF® Trail Tour Finland -event. Trail starts from Oulanka Visitor Centre hugging rugged riverbanks and passing by Finland’s most impressive water fall, Kiutaköngäs, followed by aapa mires and forested hills of Ruka. Are you prepared to challenge the fastest trail runners of Finland or are you testing your own stamina on longer-than-marathon adventure?

80 km

“The Original”. This is the race from where it all begun by few runners on 2012 growing to one of the most discussed trail adventures in Finland. When hiking, Karhunkierros -trail can take up to seven days to complete - are You running it within one day?

160 km

Ultra Trail Tour Finland -event. Demanding race where you will sense the spring of Oulanka Nature park both night and day. This race will not only test your physical stamina, but also your mental health – are You prepared enough? Runners of this race starts from Ruka Ski Village heading to Hautajärvi, Karhunkierros Visitor Centre - and back. From this race you will collect maximum amount of UTMB / ITRA points.
31 km tiedot
Lähtö: Juuma 27.5.2017 kello 13:00 alkaen. Noin 50 hengen aaltolähdöt.
Matka: noin 32,5 km / +870 m
ITRA/UTMB points: 0 (2 new)
M 2:57:07 Eetu Nordman Salomon-Suunto Racing Team (2016)
W 3:48:46 Annika Vaara Sodankylä (2015)
53 km tiedot
Lähtö: Oulangan luontokeskus 27.5.2017 kello 10:00
Matka: noin 53,1 km / +1500 m
ITRA/UTMB points: 1 (3 new)
M 4:43:57 Henri Ansio Salomon-Suunto Racing Team (2016)
W 5:23:33 Maija Oravamäki Salomon-Suunto Racing Team (2016)
80 km tiedot
Lähtö: Karhunkierroksen luontokeskus 27.5.2017 kello 7:00
Matka: noin 82,6 km / +1890 m
ITRA/UTMB points: 2 (4 new)
M 8:24:25 Tero Ruokolainen Ultrajuoksuseura Sisu (2015)
W 9:49:18 Helinä Turtinen (2015)
160 km tiedot
Lähtö: Ruka 26.5.2017 kello 12:00
Matka: noin 165,2 km / +3780 m
ITRA/UTMB points: 4 (6 new)
Aikaraja: 36 h
M 20:30:47 Mikael Heerman Samba Trail Running Club (2016)
W 29:18:09 Saara Päätalo Northern Trail Runners (2016)
Come to Kuusamo
Traveling and accommodation hints as well as offers you’ll find from Getting here -pages.
Registration opens on 04 October 2016 at 17:00 CEST in my.raceresult.com.
Race Buses to Starting points
You can book a seat on registration to race buses costing 9 eur. Those who are running 160km: as the start is from Ruka Ski Village You do not need any bus ticket!

Entry fees

 31 km53 km80 km160 km
Until Dec 31577797117
Jan 1 — Mar 317797117137
Apr 1 — May 1597117137157
All prices are in euros and includes 10% VAT. The participation eligibility for the distance you have chosen includes not only great race competitors but also drinks and energy refreshments. If you have to stop the race (DNF), race organizer will transport you to the finish from the aid stations. For the participants of the 160 km series race organizer will deliver their drop bags from Ruka Ski Village to turning point at Hautajärvi and to Oulanka Visitor Centre. 31 km, 53 km and 80 km participants can leave their extra clothing needed till the start to be returned to the finish (kindly mark your belongings properly). Having reached the finish at Ruka Ski Village, you’ll get to socialize with your fellow competitors while enjoying a bowl of soup and you also get to wash up. There will be live GPS-tracking for the 160 km runners and, to some extent, for the other series, as well as atmosphere pictures in the social media.

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NUTS Karhunkierros trail run dates for coming years are set for 26-27 May 2017 and 25-26 May 2018. NUTS reserve the right to change these dates.


The event is organized by Northern Ultra Trail Service - NUTS oy

Race office


Race Director

Eero Lumme eppu@nuts.fi +358 40 6605 280

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