Servings available at aid stations

Konttainen & Basecamp (all distances)

At these two Aid Stations there will be chocolate, bananas, satsumas, chocolate bisquits, chips, pickled cucumbers, raisins, fresh water and sports drink from Chimpanzee.

Oulanka (83km and 166km)

Chips, chocolate, pickled cucumbers, bananas, satsumas, chocolate biscuits and raisins. Drinking side is covered by having available sports drink, water, tea, coffee and Coca-Cola. There’s also hot Ramen and Laksa stock for runners to recover if in need. Almost forgot… non-alcoholic beer “Karhu” is also being served here.

166km half way tavern at Arctic Circle

Available as a night snack or very early breakfast we have sandwiches, porridge, noodles, bananas, satsumas, chips, chocolate, pickled cucumbers and raisins. In addition to standard sports drink and water, there are also non-alcoholic beer “Karhu” (Bear) by Sinebrychoff, home-brewed beer, tea, coffee and Coca-Cola.

Servings available at Finishing Point

When you have reached the finish line we have soup being served (creamy chicken or vegan friendly pumpkin-lentil soup) plus sports drink and water. And hey – there’s still non-alcoholic Karhu-beer from Sinebrychoff.

Few words for those with allergies or special diets

We have tried to take care of vegans, gluten free diets, milk allergies, lactose intolerances and those allergic to chocolate at all aid stations (labelled at stations). If doubts, just ask from our staff at any aid station. Ramen stock is lactose free and Laksa is lactose free, gluten free as well as vegan friendly.