2019 Results & Gallery

NUTS Karhunkierros 2019 Results & Gallery

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2022: Servings available at aid stations

Start Fill up your fluid reservoir before you leave. It is not possible to fill water bottles at the 83, 55 or 34 km starting areas. Konttainen & Basecamp (166, 83, 55, 34km) At these two Aid Stations there will be chocolate, bananas, satsumas, chips, pickled cucumbers, fresh water and sports drink from Nosht. Oulanka…

Wild water river, forests and suspension birdges from the bird's point of view.

NUTS Karhunkierros 2022 – Registrations will be opened soon!

The event schedule remains by the changes made in 2021. Due to the event restrictions we tried the new schedule in spring 2021 and got good feedback about it from you. Therefore we have decided to keep small and smooth starting groups for good.  The event will take place in May 27–28, 2022 in Kuusamo,…


(Suomeksi) NUTS LIVE: Karhunkierros-infoa tiistaina 11.5.2021 kello 19

(Suomeksi) NUTS Karhunkierros 2021 Presented by Garmin & La Sportiva lähestyy. Tapahtuman johtaja Eppu kertoo tämän kevään järjestelyistä ja muuta tapahtumainfoa.


NUTS Karhunkierros -polkujuoksu juostaan 28.–29.5.2021

We apologize for having to wait for more information about “NUTS Karhunkierros 2021”. The events are still under the strict control of the Government and regional state administrative agencies, and the instructions for the month of May have been delayed. Today 6.5. The Regional state administrative agency for northern Finland has published assembly restrictions that…


Carrying on with NUTS Karhunkierros planning

The Government issued preliminary information of the exit plan on Wednesday 21st of April and clarifications are expected by the end of April. We will continue to plan a safe event according to the start groups of 50 people. We will notify you when the Government instructs the events in more detail. If you wish,…


Pidätämme oikeuden tarkennuksiin.
17–21 Bib Pickup all distancesHiihtostadion
07.00–08.00Bib Pickup 166 kmHiihtostadion
08.00 ➞ Start Of 166 kmHiihtostadion
10.00–21.00 Bib Pickup all distancesHiihtostadion
18.00 ➞Start Of 55 km
50 person starting groups
(Oulangan luontokeskus), Liikasenvaarantie 132 Kuusamo
22.00 ➞Start Of 83 km
50 person starting groups
Napapiiri, (Karhunkierroksen luontokeskus), Hautajärventie 414 Salla
07.00–16.00 Bib Pickup 34/13 kmHiihtostadion
10.00 ➞ Start Of 34 km
50 person starting groups
(Retkietappi), Juumantie 134, Kuusamo (Käylä)
16.00 ➞ Start Of 13 km
250 person starting groups
19.00Prize ceremony
"loppuverkat" tahdittaa Groove Brothers
The finish line will be closedCut off
166 km = 36 h, Hautajärvi; 17.00 h
83 km 18 h
55 km 14 h
34 km 10 h
Event buses( prebooked) leaves from the front of Kumpare shopping centre

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