(English) This is NUTS Karhunkierros!

The NUTS Karhunkierros presented by Garmin & La Sportiva event has already attained an iconic status in Finland’s trail running scene. The event takes place in Oulanka National Park in northeast Finland.

The area is famous for its rugged landscape boasting a multitude of fells, white-water rivers, hanging bridges and wooden planks (duckboards) that pass over the wide aapa marshes. The route guarantees that the event is more than a race – it is also a breathtaking adventure in beautiful nature.

The weather is always a thrilling surprise in May. It can be chilly and snowy or hot and humid. Whatever the weather, the NUTS Karhunkierros races are always challenging but also gratifying – ask anyone who has participated.

The popularity of the event itself has grown rapidly and is now the biggest trail running race in Finland to date. Over 2300 participants from among 24 different nationalities signed up for the event in 2018.

The NUTS Karhunkierros event consists of four trail races which cover a variety of distances, ranging from 31 kilometers to 166 kilometers.

The event weekend also includes a multitude of other activities, such as running-related workshops, the market area in the center in Ruka Village, and an awesome post-race party!

The first race to take place, the 166 km (100 miler), begins at noon on Friday. The three other races: 83, 55 and 34 kilometers begin on Saturday. The 55 km distance is one of the races included in the Buff Trail Tour Finland, the most popular and competitive trail running series in Finland.

Additionally, NUTS Karhunkierros is a member of the ITRA (International Trail-Running Association) and serves as a qualifying race for UTMB®.

The event is organized by Northern Ultra Trail Service – NUTS, which is one of the most experienced organisations arranging trail running races in Finland. NUTS races are always high-quality events with competent staff offering the best possible experience to all participants.

The landscape and scenery make NUTS Karhunkierros a perfect start to the season, whether you are a beginner or an expert competitor in trail running. Come and join one of the races and enjoy the festival together with the international trail-running community.

Do not less this opportunity pass!


You can book here in advance the charter bus transportation from the biggest cities and the airports to the NUTS Karhunkierros event center. (Notice: In English, scroll down the page.)

There is also plenty of accommodation possibilities in Ruka Village, in the immediate closeness of the race event center.


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