How to choose the starting group to 34 km’s race?


While you register to 34 km’s race, you are able to choose the starting group from B to F. Choose your preferred starting group (“Heat”) when filling the registration form.

You can change your starting group afterwards via your personal registration link – as long as there are places available. There is the maximum of 250 runners in the each group.

The starting group A is reserved for the most competitive participants like “National Level Athletes”, who will run for the podium places. It’s a smaller starting group max. 50 runners.

To enter the group A, you can send an application to and ask for a place to the starting group A. Please, complete your standard race registration before sending the application.

The group A qualification is considered for the runners who are known to be fast ones based on their prior results in female and male categories.

​Start Times

12:55 SHARP

Group A – Fast Runners

Starting groups B to H:

​13:00 – with 20 minute delays between groups.

NOTE: Each group will be split further into three waves at the race start. The delay between the waves depends on the time the previous wave takes to pass the stairs and hanging bridge in the beginning of the race course.
We reserve the right to make changes to the timetable.